My Gestalt Experience


My journey took a turn when my personal coach Leah Lund took her womens group to  attended a gestalt coaching session with Julie Meyer in Colorado. I thought, oh great! we get to go pet and groom horses! Which I love to do, but I do that at home so I wasn’t too excited about going. About 10 minutes after I got there I realized there was more to this gestalt stuff then I originally thought.

Julie started off with a question and I don’t even remember the question, but the responses we gave were deep and intense. After a couple people went it was my turn so I went out into the arena and this Andalusian dapple grey mare named Rayn  was standing there looking at me. I put the halter on and started to walk with horse. The horse would just randomly stop and then take a few steps more and stop again. I have horses and usually when I’m leading a horse they walk with me.

Julie: “how did it feel when the horse didn’t want to follow you?”

Me: “it’s okay.”

Julie: “Does this happen in your life …people don’t want to go with you?”

Me: “I’m ok with that, I’d prefer them not go with me anyway. I like to keep my distance.”

So now she has me lead the horse without the lead rope. well that didn’t work either. We proceeded on to me walking around the arena in a circle

Me: “I’m letting down my walls, I’m allowing my walls to come down.”

Julie: “stop close your eyes and breathe.”

I opened my eyes I noticed it looked a little brighter outside

Me: “I’ve let down my walls.”

Little did I know my walls were so thick I couldn’t see around them.

Julie: are you just telling me that because you know I want to hear that? walk over to the horse and stand in front of her and say I’m letting my walls down”

Me: I’m letting my walls down

The horse backed up. I remember thinking well thats great, the horse backed up because the walls are still there. That Julie was sharp! I was no where near letting down my walls. She brought the awareness to me on how thick they were. I said thank to Rayn and walked out of the arena.

I was hooked by this point wanting to know more about the process of working with people and horses and deep rooted traumas. I saw myself doing this type of work with my horses. There were a few people after me so I was watching ever thing going on with the client and the horse, while listening to the coach. It was so cool watching how the horses interacted with the client.

One young girl just left an abusive relationship and there were 2 donkeys playing tug of war with a lead rope. I was getting more excited after each process. When I left with the group Leah said, Evie that’s right up your ally.

I went home and called to get more information on Melisa Pearse and Touched by a Horse. I set a call with her office manager to talk to Melisa personally so I could see what she was like, to feel her energy and see if this was the right fit for me. You won’t believe this ….I missed my call with her. I thought about talking to her everyday and I missed the appointment! That was so not like me! I knew This was important so I called to make another appointment. I don’t even want to tell you this but I missed my second phone appointment with Melisa as well. I received a call from office manager saying I missed my 2nd call…I was so embarrassed I told her to tell her I’m sorry! I don’t like to waste other peoples time! Melisa must of heard the conversation and told her she would talk to me in a minute. My heart was pounding. I had nervous energy running through my body.  I was talking to myself saying get a grip this is what you have been waiting for! So finally I’m talking with Melisa and I felt led to join her program. She was a delight to talk to and I felt a sense of  calm within myself so I knew this was the last part of my journey to find my true self again.


Leah Lund

Touched by a horse


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