Brainspotting Session

During your one hour session Evie will use this technique to locate where in the brain the memory is stored and gently release it.


What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting was discovered by David Grand, PH. D in 2003 as a modified form of EMDR. Like Physical therapy for your brain, Brainspotting dismantles traumas or negative beliefs at its core. A Brainspot is a physiological subsystem in the body that reflects the nervous system holding emotional experiences in memory form. When we experience an emotionally intense event, we get overwhelmed leaving us reactive and over sensitive. This approach helps a client to locate, process and release emotional trauma where it has been suppressed in the subcortical brain.

What happens in a Brainspotting session?

Our sessions are conducted in a private, one on one setting. We use bilateral sound to activate the left and right sides of the brain throughout the session. The Brainspotting approach guides the client to locate, process and access the negative memory of the trauma so its charge can be released, allowing the client to access the memory without the intense, emotional charge.