You can choose to work with me One to One, in a Group Session setting or join me for a retreat or workshop. I create a safe and confidential atmosphere for my clients to be heard, while designing an experiential process to allow them to access and heal past trauma. By sitting with the client, connected and listening on multiple levels to what they are saying and how they say it, I offer them the experience of truly being heard and held in a non-judgmental space. Experiences designed to help clear out “unfinished business” help the client move from reactive to responsive. I believe my clients all hold the answers within, and that my role is to help them gain awareness so they can choose a new story and path.

I can come to your location or you can come to mine. It’s traveling Gestalt!

One-on-One Sessions

These sessions are private — just you and I, and the horses if you choose. We will meet at the barn, on zoom, or in a quiet space where you will know you are heard, seen, and allowed to release the chains trauma has used to hold you in fear or pain. We will explore together a plan to release your past, clear out your unfinished business, and make a plan of action that will lead you to a path of joy and hopefulness. Most clients choose to do a package of 3 to 12 sessions with phone support in between equine sessions to get the maximum benefit from the EGCMethod®.

I also offer Brainspotting Sessions. The Brainspotting approach guides the client to locate, process and access the negative memory of the trauma so its charge can be released, allowing the client to access the memory without the intense, emotional charge. Our sessions are conducted in a private, one on one setting. We use bilateral sound to activate the left and right sides of the brain throughout the session.

Group Sessions

I offer small, safe, and intimate group coaching sessions to explore, discover, connect and grow while having fun.
Develop amazing connections with others while gaining insight into where you are presently and where you want to be.

A few things we will explore:

  • Boundaries – your own and others
  • Getting to know all the various parts of yourself
  • Evaluate deep rooted behaviors
  • Explore polarities in your life
  • Somatics – becoming aware of different sensations in your body
  • Understanding your family systems and dynamics
  • Healing traumas
  • Strategies and coping skills that helped you survive
  • Understanding your values
  • Expressive play
  • Body image
  • Setting effective goals
  • Discovering how you interact in groups
  • Pushing yourself to new levels
  • Connecting with your vision for the future
  • Receive the wisdom of the horses have to share with you

Retreats and Workshops

There are several Retreats  and they all are truly life changing experiences. Tears — joy — amazement — growth — these experiences are real and raw, but they are deeply healing as well. Voices from the Scars retreats are place where you can be heard, seen and use your voice. You can join me at an event I arrange or you can request a retreat for your group. Let’s explore the possibilities!

An example of how the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method works:

Say we have a client, let’s call her Jane. She is happily married and loves her husband but when he wants to be physically intimate, she shuts down. Sometimes she can’t bear being touched, and “zones out” to avoid the sensations. Her husband is feeling rejected and it’s starting to have an impact on their marriage. She doesn’t know why she reacts this way and is upset by it.

As she talks about it, her body shakes and she feels a headache in between her eyes. By paying attention to the story being told by her words and her body, we can help her to look at what she doesn’t want to see, and we can encourage her to shake her body harder. As her awareness travels inward, she makes the connection between how she feels when her husband tries to lovingly touch her, and what it felt like to be sexually abused when she was younger. She was helpless and learned to “zone out” to survive the abuse. She understands it has nothing to do with her husband, and that she has a lot of anger towards her abuser. By focusing on the “foreground” – the situation showing up in the present, we can uncover the “background” – the real issue. Now the healing can begin.

We will design an experiment to help her to safely access her helpless rage at the time of her abuse, and to release it – along with the stored trauma – from her body. The horses hold sacred healing space for her process and celebrate her clean and healthy emotional expressions. Over time, we can “peel the onion” and heal the layers of trauma Jane has carried for so many years. Once the Gestalt is complete, Jane may still remember the abuse but it won’t carry the emotional charge or power over her that it once did, and she can accept her husband’s touch for the safe and loving expression that it is.